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Okay Type: Normal stuff, just done really well

Okay Type: Normal stuff, just done really well

Okay Type is Jackson Showalter-Cavanaugh, a one-person (plus cats) type design studio and foundry in Chicago, USA. Apart from a well-curated retail catalog and custom type design projects, they are specializing in fancy home-made pizza and Laugenbrezel. Indra Kupferschmid interviewed Jackson in the slowest way possible (2/2020 to 11/2023) about life as a graphic designer and type maker.
Quick News

La Police has launched a ;new website. You might already be familiar with its Footnotes publication, a periodical dedicated to type design & typography. Thanks to this site update, you can now order back issues or buy a subscription for three Footnotes issues, starting with the latest issue (that’s issue D, which is also new).

For a long time, Eckehart SchumacherGebler was one of the most significant actors in German printing. He built a towering legacy by running several companies, establishing societies, and founding a museum. On December 17th, he passed away, aged 88. The Offizin Haag-Dugulin published an obituary (in German).