La Police has launched a ;new website. You might already be familiar with its Footnotes publication, a periodical dedicated to type design & typography. Thanks to this site update, you can now order back issues or buy a subscription for three Footnotes issues, starting with the latest issue (that’s issue D, which is also new).

For a long time, Eckehart SchumacherGebler was one of the most significant actors in German printing. He built a towering legacy by running several companies, establishing societies, and founding a museum. On December 17th, he passed away, aged 88. The Offizin Haag-Dugulin published an obituary (in German).

Join Emily Gravett, the twice Kate-Greenaway-Medal-winning-illustrator, as she chats with her editor Suzanne Carnell, publisher at the children’s book imprint Two Hoots. Emily’s distinctive illustrations and stories are laced with wit and unexpected turns. Best known for now picture book classics like Meerkat Mail and Orange Pear Apple Bear, they’ll talk about Emily’s journey to becoming an illustrator, how they work together, the art of entertaining the reader as well as the young listener, and look at her new book 10 Cats. This 11 October 2022 lecture at St Bride in London is another activity you can attend online or in person.

To coincide with the “A Kingdom of Cardboard” exhibition at the St Bride Foundation, celebrating the BBC’s centenary, Bob Richardson will deliver a lecture on the collection of BBC-related ephemera he has amassed over 35 years since starting work at the BBC in 1977. His collection holds many treasures, including iconic channel idents, an illuminated Police Box panel from Tom Baker’s Tardis from 1980, studio logos used on set for Match of the Day, an early example of the famous Blue Peter badge, designed by Tony Hart in 1963 for a fee of £100 guineas and much more. On 21 September, the lecture will take place in person at St Bride in London and online via Zoom. A ticket must be purchased to attend in either fashion, so act now!

Congratulations to Emma Marichal, who won TypeTogether’s 2022 Gerard Unger Scholarship for the Ploquine typeface. Marichal designed Ploquine while attending the post-diploma course in type design at Esad d’Amiens. You can learn more about Ploquine and read an interview with Marichal on TypeTogether’s website.

Pierre-Yann is the Recto Verso studio’s art director and the creator of the Typologie typographic color chart collection. After the success of the first Typologie, dedicated to French foundries, he is expanding his collection with a new edition dedicated to Swiss foundries. That unique and ephemeral edition is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter. It features 18 Swiss foundries, including Grilli Type, Optimo, and Swiss Typefaces. The cover will be signed by the Swiss artist Rylsee and the item will include a preface by Roger Chatelain, author of La typographie suisse du Bauhaus à Paris.