b•v-h type
  This headline is set in BVH BDot by bvh type. Get it on Fontstand for only €6.00/month.

Let’s welcome the Paris-based b•v-h type, established in 2022 by Swiss typographer/type designer André Baldinger and German graphic designer Toan Vu-Huu.
This headline is set in BVH BDot by bvh type. Get it on Fontstand for only €6.00/month.

Photo ©Toan_Vu-Huu 

Founded as an extension of their design studio, baldinger•vu-huu, the typefaces created by b•v-h type are based on strong conceptual ideas, and each typeface is first used and extensively tested in at least one of the studio’s design projects. Some started as custom fonts and are now available to the larger design community.

In addition to their design work, André Baldinger and Toan Vu-Huu share their passion and know-how by teaching at EnsAD in Paris, ANRT in Nancy, and ZHDK in Zurich.

Typefaces from b•v-h have received awards from Le Club des DA, the Morisawa Type Design Competition, and the Type Directors Club Tokyo. You can now try and rent any of the 14 font families by b•v-h type available at Fontstand – that’s 102 fonts in total!

833 Windy Move intangiblemente Erlenbach am Main technologickému

honorifiquement Joan Baptista Pla Bowral–Mittagong Puerta Vito Claudio

constructivisms Dammarie-les-Lys skeiðarársandur Jan Václav Voříšek

semi-conducteur Khartoum-Omdurman dvanáctihodinovou Johann Schobert

BVH Eddi

Maksym Berezovsky 531 Kelly Hill frustrantemente Großbreitenbach

Gaetano Donizetti Mantes-la-Jolie 16 Porte des Bourdonnais dvanáctihodinovou

Herzberg am Harz saltvandsområde Maria Barthélemon Passeig Dulce Robinson

North Las Vegas 50 Brian Davis Expw F-46 dvanáctihodinovou alternativement

Villiers-le-Bel technologickému Adolph Carl Kunzen 27 Quai Cédric Le Sueur

BVH Anto Plot, Plot Lab, Plot Mono, Rounded & Rounded Mono

Pieter Hellendaal Aulnay-sous-Bois Avenida de Catalunya hypervitaminose

Russell Alexander 319 Brown Farms No. 75 hyperexcretions College Station

666 Powell Farms saltvandsområde ophthalmoscopic Johann Georg Lickl

Ernest Chausson Saint Petersburg Albrechtplatz 76 rannsóknarréttur

BVH Eiffel Level, BVH Eiffel, BVH BLine & BVH BDot

Frankstraße 49 cuadruplicación Huntington Beach dvanáctihodinovou

Antonio Rosetti Los Caños de Meca 262 Susan Mitchell Pkwy připomínajících

836 Campbell Haven A-69 saltvandsområde inamoviblemente Luigi Cherubini

skeiðarársandur Pasquale Anfossi 690 Brown Trek E/58 counterpicketed

technologickému Antonio Rosetti Ronda de Centelles B/23 warrantableness

sonnenuntergang Nizhny Novgorod saltvandsområde Franz Ignaz Beck

BVH Baldinger

syncrétiquement Georg Druschetzky Bowral–Mittagong Wienzeile 91

Giovanni Cifolelli Hautes-Pyrénées Avenida Chapman C/27 rannsóknarréttur

saltvandsområde bindungsordnung Richard Hofmann Georgsmarienhütte

BVH Bart Display

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